Faculty & Staff

Come to hear from Online Faculty Fellows, Stay for 14 Tools on May 6

Online Faculty Fellows

Wednesday, May 6
Noon – 1 PM
Room 239A, East Peoria Campus

Online Faculty Fellows is a program experience through which online faculty (Fellows) pair with faculty (Participants) working on a course design or redesign project. Online Faculty Fellows participants will showcase their course design/redesign work from spring 2015.  Details about the next Online Faculty Fellows program will be announced.

“14 Tools to Flip Over” Session

Wednesday, May 6
1:15-2:15 PM
Room 239A, East Peoria Campus

This week wraps up our blog series “14 Tools to Flip Over,” brought to you by the Teaching and Learning Center.  Thank you to all who followed along, participated, and contributed throughout the past semester.

The blog series, located at icctlc.blogspot.com will continue to be available.  Revisit any of the topics at any time, and engage with others by posting comments and questions within the blog.  Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming summer series to begin in early June.

We invite and encourage you to complete a brief survey, http://goo.gl/BnYPSg, to provide feedback on this series, as well as share ideas for future series.  The survey will remain open through Friday, May 1. 

Attend our in-person session on May 6 to discuss and brainstorm additional ideas from the 14 Tools blog series.  Those who wish to do so may share what they have developed using tools from the series.

Questions?  Contact the TLC at 694-8908 or [email protected].