Faculty & Staff

Changes to Hiring/Search Committee Requirements

Everyone who wishes to serve on an ICC hiring/search committee will be required to complete the Diverse Hiring Workshop.

If you took a Diverse Hiring Workshop prior to January 2013, you will be required to take the revised Diverse Hiring Workshop to continue to serve on an ICC hiring/search committee. Prior to January 2013, the Diverse Hiring Workshop focused on cultural differences in a business environment.  As of January 2013, the Revised Diverse Hiring Workshop expanded to include discovering our unconscious biases and how it affects the hiring process.

Moving forward, Best Hiring Practices will be integrated into the initial ICC hiring/search committee meeting.

Diverse Hiring Workshops for 2017:

  • East Peoria Campus, Room 212C/D
    • Fri. April 7 from 8 am to noon OR
    • Wed., Oct. 4 from 4 to 8 pm
  • North Campus, Hickory 131
    • Thurs., Feb. 16 from 8 am to noon OR
    • Tues., July 12 from noon to 4 pm

Please RSVP space is limited. For questions, please contact Malia Heath in Organizational Learning by email at Organizational [email protected] or call Ext. 5442.