Faculty & Staff

Changes on the Way for TLC News

The weekly email, “News from ICC Organizational Learning/TLC”, which announces events and and other information for all ICC employees, is being redesigned beginning January 2013.

At the beginning of each month, you will receive the full version of the email. This full version will contain a calendar of learning events for the month, a ‘to do’ list with upcoming deadlines, and highlights from various programs that support growth and development for ICC employees.

Each of the following weeks, you will receive a shorter version of the email. This shorter version will contain reminders and updates for events that week, announcements from programs that provide support to ICC employees, and tips from the TLC designed to help make your job more efficient.

The weekly emails will usually arrive in your inbox on a Thursday or Friday announcing events and other information for the following week or month. If you do not currently receive the weekly “News from ICC Organizational Learning/TLC” email, please contact the Teaching & Learning Center at [email protected] or 694-8908 to be added to the distribution list. The redesign will be a ‘work in progress’. If you have suggestions for the email, please contact the TLC.