Faculty & Staff

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes to the ICC.edu website

Web Services has been frantically working toward a completely redesign (layout, architecture, and all) of the main ICC.edu website.

Our launch goals are three-fold:

  • Provide previews for faculty and staff through eNews to lessen any “redesign-shock”
  • Promote a BETA preview of the site for students, faculty, staff and community by early May
  • Go completely live with the new site  by July 1

With our first eNews preview, we’d like to take a look at the constant navigation to the new website. The constant navigation has worked in all (or most) areas of the college while being accessible anywhere during user’s web surfing experience. This constant navigation will be located at the top of every page and is divided into two sections.

Click to see full sized

The top black bar is where the audience options are available – something that we currently have on our site and is usually prominent on many other college/university websites. We’ve kept most of our current audiences while adding a few more.

  • Student (formerly known as current students)
  • Online Learning (formerly known as Virtual Campus)
  • Corporate & Community Education (new – a quick link to community/non-credit education)
  • Alumni (new – all things, uh… alumni)
  • About ICC (formerly Inside ICC)
  • Faculty & Staff (formerly Faculty &… wait, never mind)

The second part is in the blue bar and is to be considered as our main menu.

  • Admissions (information about starting at ICC – think future students information)
  • Academics (all things about classes and learning opportunities)
  • Around Campus (information on offices at ICC)
  • Arts (not just PAC things but all things related to the Arts)
  • Athletics (baseball, basketball, soccer, etc)
  • Directory & Maps (information on faculty and campus services… and maps…)

The blue bar will also have added functionality for users of providing a drop down when you hover your mouse cursor over the menu option going down two levels. Here we hope to not only give our students the ability to see what information can be found where, but they can get there quickly since these menus will be found on every single page.


Naming Conventions

Lastly, I want to briefly go over the naming conventions we’ve chosen to use. Our current site has many links that our students will not find on their next university’s website as they transfer. We wanted to eliminate that potential confusion.

We reviewed dozens of higher learning websites (some nationally recognized and many neighboring colleges) as well as third-party studies when making these decisions so that brand new college students and transfer/university students have a better idea of what they’re going to find behind each link. We wanted the link names to be more universal.

Now you might be wondering, “Is my area’s web link going to change?” Please don’t fret. We plan on reaching out to every office/department so that 1) we can work through a name change, if applicable, and 2) you know exactly where to find yourself within the site.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or concerns about what’s here or how your section of the site is going to end up, don’t hesitate to email me. Also, please note that we’re still in heavy development of the site. Things might change before the May BETA preview and then even between May and July.