Faculty & Staff

Celebration of Learning Softball Tournament Champs Crowned

In the final game of the day on Sept. 14, the Yellow Team, led by captain Ed Babcock, defeated the Red Team captained by Paul Resnick, by a score of 32-13 to win the championship of the Celebration of Learning Employee Slow-Pitch Softball Tournament.

The stage was set for the championship contest when both teams defeated the Blue Team, captained by Ann Banks, in games earlier in the day. Scores of those games were not reported to save a shred of dignity for members of the Blue Team.

Members of the winning team included: captain Ed Babcock, Comptroller; Rory Chance, Vehicle Maintenance, James Decker; Adelynn Smick, Fitness Center; John Tuccillo, Arts, Communication & Behavioral Sciences; Stacy Turpen, Student Accounting; Kevin Wells, Business, Legal & Info Systems; and Danyle Watkins, Business, Legal & Info Systems.

The second place team consisted of: Paul Resnick (captain), English, Humanities & Language Studies; Tod Daniels, Diversity; Troy Duvendack, Document Services; Brian Fischer, English, Humanities & Language Studies; Todd Fortier, Agricultural & Industrial Technologies; Bre Lagerstrom, Humanities; Jim Miller, Campus Police; Emily Points, Dean of Students; and Cheryl Resnick, Math/Science/Engineering.

The bronze medalist team for the tournament included: Ann Banks (captain), Organizational Learning; Trevor Imm, Agricultural & Industrial Technology; Loyd Kirby, Performing Arts Center; Corey Lyons, Enterprise Systems; Beth McClain, Dean of Enrollment Management; RC San José, Director of Admissions; Erika Schwiderski, Campus Police; and Kate Stahl, Diversity.

Special thanks to ICC head softball coach Heather Doty for her assistance in organizing the tournament, as well as all who helped in other aspects, including Tom Davis of Grounds/Maintenance, Rick Becker for serving as P.A. announcer, Pete Fenner for serving as home plate umpire, and Isaiah Doty and Erika Schwiderski for helping umpire the bases.

Mark your calendars for January when the Celebration of Learning employee volleyball tournament will take place. Look for more information as Celebration of Learning draws closer.