Faculty & Staff

Celebration of Service – Spring 2016 Update

A big “thank you” goes out to everyone who facilitated a workshop, participated in the Student Service Scrimmage, attended a workshop, and donated a prize during Celebration of Service.

Prize winners included: Erin Bradshaw, Mindi Miller, Angela McElyea, Ryan Paluska, Laura McCue-Newport, Ted Lane, Lisa Sheffield, Jim Hawkins, Douglas Bray, Daniel Farrell, Marcia, Koeppel, Rhonda Elmore, Cynthia Welch, Amy Daxenbichler, Pam Smith, Deb Pence, Marguerite Massey, Sandra Hibbard, Amanda Brownfield, Laura Gonzalez, Youngju Son, Steven Mallory, Patrice Hess, Carrie Wolf, Gennifer Oden, Jill Potts, Jennifer Martina, Karen Stroemer, Abbie Alsene, and Vera Yee.

During Celebration of Service, Interim President Bruce Budde and other Executive Cabinet members talked with faculty and staff about ICC’s status today and what is planned for the future. Employees were encouraged to ask questions throughout the sessions.

Notes from each of the sessions at ICC East Peoria, North, and Downtown Campuses are now available at: Conversations with Cabinet: COS Spring 2016

Please take a moment to complete this survey to share feedback on your experience or to provide insight on why you did not participate. Your feedback is a valuable resource in helping us to continuously improve.