Faculty & Staff

Celebration of Service 2015 Prizes Awarded

Celebration of Service, Service is NOT a Spectator Sport:  Get in the Game! was offered October 12 – 22, featuring four student scenarios utilizing the sports theme to help employees see what our students experience as they attend ICC.  We had five employees earn top points toward prizes for completing student scenarios and participating in breakout sessions.

The Top Prize included two Rivermen Hockey tickets plus ICC items and was earned by:

     Lisa Sheffield, Enrollment Services, ICC North Campus.

Prizes of ICC items for top participation were also earned by:

  •      Doug Bernius, Human Resources, ICC East Peoria Campus
  •      Suanne Levery, Bookstore, ICC East Peoria Campus
  •      Karen Stroemer, Student Services, ICC North Campus
  •      Ron Zipfel, Advisement and Counseling, ICC North Campus

Thanks to all who participated in the Celebration of Service learning exercises and breakout sessions.  We plan to offer a similar experience February 23 – March 3, 2016.