Faculty & Staff

Between the Lines — September 2015

Share Your Story, Impact Your Community, and Change the World 

Jessica Bastian – September 1, 2015 North, Arbor Auditorium, 7 pm

“Those who tell their stories rule the world” is a widely cited, Native American proverb that captures the power of storytelling.  Storytelling is the art of conveying events in words and images.  Great stories, like the graphic novel March by John Lewis, build relationships and inspire action.  Tech tools like StoryCorp app, YouTube, and social media enhance our ability to capture, share, and preserve stories.  Join us as we explore the persuasive power of storytelling.  Learn the elements of effective storytelling, how to use technology to capture and share personal stories, and how narrative can be a powerful change agent.

The impact of a shared personal experience can transform our understanding of the world.  Everyone has a story to tell.  Build your storytelling skills and learn about how you can contribute to the One Book, One College storytelling project.