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Between the Lines Features Islamic Golden Age::Tuesday, May 7

The next Between the Lines program is “The Islamic Golden Age,” which is based on the “Literary Reflections” collection. The collection is part of the Muslim’s Journey Bookshelf, a grant the ICC Library received from the American Library Association and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Presenter: Yasmine Sichaib

Date and Time: Tuesday, May 7, at 7 pm

Location: ICC North Arbor Auditorium

Topic: Can you believe that Islam as a religion gave birth to a brilliant civilization several centuries ago? It is still remembered as the Islamic Golden Age. Every civilization in our world comes to an end, but the literary writings give life back to every decayed era through stories and facts that happened at that time. In this presentation, the audience will learn basic ideas about how Islam enlightened the people through the discussion of book such as Amin Maalouf’s Leo Afticanus, Amitav Shosh’s In an Antique Land, and others. Those writers were inspired, with the help of fiction, by the peace and knowledge that Islam brought and its connection later to the Western world.