Faculty & Staff

Art Gallery Shows Open Through Friday, Sept. 13

The Performing Arts Center Gallery on the East Peoria Campus presents the following shows through Friday, Sept. 13:

* Title of Show: “Skalded in Oil”

  • Artist: Sean J. White
  • Medium: painting
  • Gallery location: PAC Lobby

Biography of artist: Sean J. White arrived in prison at the age of 19. Although incarcerated, he neither advertises nor attempts to hide this fact. He prefers the work to speak for itself. His work has hung in two national juried exhibitions, and his first solo show was held in 2012 at Open Gallery in Vincennes, Indiana. He is a writer as well as an artist. His paintings will be exhibited at the Performing Arts Center Gallery.

* Title of Show: “Wood and Grain”

  • Artists: Jennifer Costa and Cathie Crawford
  • Medium: Costa – sculpture, Crawford – printmaking
  • Gallery location: Gallery 305A

Biography of Artists: Cathie Crawford is originally from New York City. After living overseas with her husband for six years, she returned to Illinois and attended Bradley University for her Master of Fine Arts Degree in Printmaking. Since graduating from Bradley, she has concentrated on the color reduction woodcut. Her work has been included in more than 300 exhibitions, 50 juried national shows, and 13 international juried exhibitions. Jennifer Costa, a member of the ICC Art Faculty, likes to experiment with the interplay between the warm and cold of materials.

Gallery 305A  is open Monday through Thursday, from 9:30 am – 7:30pm,  and Friday from 9:30 am – noon.