Faculty & Staff

Are you interested in receiving a Shingles vaccine?

Are you interested in receiving a Shingles vaccine (Zostavax)?

If we have 10 people interested in receiving the vaccine, Health Services is able to purchase it at cost. This offer is available to faculty, staff, retirees and spouses.

Cost: Approximately $187 (This cost may change with discounts and/or price increases.) Retail cost ranges from $200 to $246.

The Shingles vaccine (Zostavax) is recommended only for a selected patient population:

  • Aged 60 years and older: The vaccine is recommended by Centers for Disease Control, Prevention Advisory Committee and the FDA.
  • Aged 50-59 years: At this time the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Advisory Committee do not have a recommendation for routine use of Shingles vaccine in this age group. However, the vaccine is approved by the FDA for those in this age group. This group will need an order/note from their physician stating they recommend the vaccine.

Questions? Please contact Health Services at Ext. 5481 or email [email protected]