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And the “One Book, One College” selection for 2019-2020 is…

The ICC-sponsored “One Book, One College” committee would like to announce our 2019-2020 selection, “How We Got to Now: Six Innovations that Made the Modern World” by Steven Johnson.

Find the book on Amazon. (You will be redirected to an external website.)

With the theme of “Global Innovation,” Steven Johnson discusses how certain events lead up to innovations that led to many things that we take for granted in modern life.  These innovations are tied to six different themes  – glass, clean, light, cold, sound and time.  Some of the innovations are connected to “happy mistakes,” others thought out over many years.  Mr. Johnson then tells about the unexpected innovations that happen AFTER the inventions.

We ask all faculty members to think about ways to incorporate this book into your curriculum.  The chapter on cold, for example, connects it to migration patterns (air conditioning allowed people to move to warmer climates) and food discoveries (where would we be without frozen food?).  If the discovery of glass hadn’t happened, there would be no mirrors – and artists wouldn’t be able to paint self-portraits, and photography would be non-existent.  How We Got to Now is filled with stories such as these.  While the committee encourages faculty, staff and students to read the entire book, certain chapters may fit well with a particular subject area and could be assigned individually.

If you incorporate the book into your curriculum for next year, you are eligible for a FREE digital copy of the book.  Please contact Cheryl Westburg ([email protected]) for details.

Both campuses of the ICC Library will have copies available for students to read, with a seven-day checkout period.

Thank you for supporting the ICC Library “One Book, One College” program.