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Academic Warning Six Sigma Gate Review (Define/Measure)

Academic Warning Six Sigma Gate Review (Define/Measure)

Date: Wednesday, July 31st
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: L422, East Peoria Campus

What is a Gate Review?

Gate Reviews are special meetings where faculty, staff, and stakeholders may go to give input on projects being completed by Six Sigma teams. Everyone is invited to attend following supervisor approval. Feedback and opinions of all employees are valued.

What will be discussed?

Under the current system, ICC does not have a college-wide Academic Warning* process. Students placed on Academic Warning may now be contacted in a variety of ways that may vary by department, program or ICC employee. This team will evaluate the Academic Warning process to identify opportunities to improve, including increase the number of students who are successful by developing an intervention process, increasing the retention of students on academic warning, and increasing the use of the Academic Warning Attendance Reporting environment (AWARe) by ICC employees. This gate review will share the data gathered, including feedback from faculty and departmental advisors as well as next steps.

*What is Academic Warning?

Academic warning and attendance reporting are documented and reported in the AWARe environment of eServices (People Soft). Never-Attended, Non-Attenders and Academic Warning are all documented within the AWARe environment of eServices. The AWARe environment is available at the beginning of the course and will be updated as students are enrolled in and withdrawn from courses. Placing a student on academic warning should occur only after direct faculty intervention has not corrected the issue. Academic warning may include lack of basic skills, lack of academic progress and/or poor attendance. Faculty can place students on academic warning up to 8 days following the midpoint of the class. Once a student is reported for academic warning a letter signed by the Dean of Student Services is mailed to the student’s home with the class and reason for the warning along with a list of student support resources. If the academic warning is resolved the faculty should return to AWARe to remove the warning. The process can be completed as often as needed for students up to 8 days following the midpoint of the class.

Source: ICC Faculty Handbook 2012-2013

Who should attend the Gate Review?

Faculty, staff, and stakeholders who are involved or interested in the Academic Warning process may like to attend as well as those who provide technology and academic support to students.

Questions? Contact Six Sigma Black Belt, Karhmen Feurtado, Ext. 8502, [email protected]