Faculty & Staff

International Travel Opportunities

International opportunities are available to faculty and administration through various organizations. An application process is generally required and additional support for funding may be needed from the college.

Illinois Consortium of International Studies and Programs

For information about several international opportunities available, visit the Illinois Consortium of International Studies and Programs website at:  www.icisp.org. ICC is a member of this consortium that offers both 2 week faculty/staff exchanges and semester long visiting faculty opportunities.  Discuss with your Dean and contact Organizational Learning at 694-5442 or [email protected]  for further information before applying.

Midwest Institute for International/Intercultural Education (MIIIE)

Illinois Central College belongs to the Midwest Institute for International/Intercultural Education(MIIIE), a self-funded consortium of two-year colleges located in the Midwest region. Its primary objective is to support curriculum and professional development by organizing curriculum workshops, fall and spring conferences, overseas projects for faculty and students, assistance with grant development, provide faculty mentoring and professional networking. For further information, refer to: http://miiie.org/

Curriculum Modules developed by Faculty are linked here: http://miiie.org/Modules/. To view the modules, ask for the current password for ICC. The website includes various international study abroad opportunities and an extensive list of curriculum modules representing 30 disciplines.

Fulbright Grant Opportunities

Apply for scholarships and grants through Fulbright at:  http://www.cies.org/

Guatemala and China Opportunities through ICC

For more information on these specific local programs that include ICC students, contact Barbara Burton, International Education Program Director at 694-8817 or [email protected]

ICC Faculty Traveled Recently  

  • John Tuccillo, Art – Visiting Faculty with ICISP to Canterbury, England
  • Paul Resnick, English – Fulbright Scholar to Turkey and ICISP Finland 2 Week Exchange
  • David Thompson, History – Visiting Faculty with ICISP to Canterbury, England and ICISP Finland 2 Week Exchange