Faculty & Staff

Benevolence Fund

Faculty and staff have joined together in a self-governed, consolidated charitable effort. The ICC Benevolence Fund Program is designed to provide limited financial assistance to eligible employees, retirees or immediate family members who are experiencing economic hardship due to a qualifying emergency.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Active full-time or part-time employee and worked at ICC a minimum of 6 months.
  • Retiree, for the first 3 months following retirement date
  • Immediate family members, a husband or wife, child, brother, sister, parent, in-law, grandparents, or grandchildren

Individuals who are NOT eligible for this program include temporary or irregularly scheduled employees, students, work-study students or those who have received assistance within the prior 12 month period.

Qualifying Emergency

An event or combination of events calling for immediate need. A situation short-term or temporary in nature, not chronic. Examples of qualifying events include (but are not limited to):

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Tornado
  • Accident (medical emergency, excludes workers’ compensation and car accidents)
  • Victim of a crime, including severe bodily injury or domestic violence causing financial hardship
  • Permanent disability
  • Medical emergency, such as an organ transplant or hardship caused by death of the employee or immediate family member

NON-Qualifying emergency

  • Car or home repairs/maintenance
  • Car accident
  • Legal fees
  • Living beyond one’s means
  • Other expenses derived from non-emergency situations

Applying for Funds

All information given is confidential and will not be part of a personnel file.

Submit an application: Attach all required documentation. Applicant has 2 weeks to provide required documentation from the date the application was submitted. If documentation is not received, applicant is denied and must wait 6 months before eligible to apply for Benevolence again. Such as:

  • Specific bills you are requesting funds for
  • Death Certificate
  • Police/Fire Reports
  • Other (with explanation)

Applications must be submitted to the Human Resources office: East Peoria Campus, Academic Building, 339G.

After submission, an appointed committee will review the application.

Applicant is notified of a denial or an approval through written notification from the Human Resources office. A notification letter will be sent for the following reasons:

  • If any additional documentation is required
  • Event does not qualify
  • Applicant has received Benevolence in the past 12 months
  • An application is incomplete

If the application and an amount is approved, then a letter will be sent from the Human Resources office. Written notifications can take up to 30 days of a complete application. All requests and decisions are final.

When an applicant is approved and has received their approval letter, it can take up to 2 weeks to receive an award. Checks are sent in the mail unless arranged for pick up through the Human Resources office.

Award Limit

Applicants can only be approved once every 12 months from the date on an approval letter from the Benevolence Fund. Awards will not exceed $2,000 per recipient per 12 months and lifetime limit is $4,000.

Given the limited amount of funds, all requests cannot be approved even though there may be a clear need for assistance. This fund may be insufficient in the case of widespread disasters, community crises, or war/terrorism.


Employees and non-employees may make a monetary contribution to the fund by completing a donation form and sending a check or cash to:

ICC Employee Benevolence Fund
C/O Human Resources Department, Room 339G
1 College Drive
East Peoria, IL 61635-0001

Employees who have vacation or sick time banked can donate under the following guidelines:

  • Up to 16 hours of vacation time may be donated during a 12-month period
  • Up to 8 hours of earned sick time may be donated during a 12-month period
  • One may not designate their donation to a particular individual, but may give the donation in memory of, or to honor, an individual
  • One cannot donate if they have submitted their Notice of Resignation
  • Cash, check, and vacation time donations are considered tax deductible/charitable contributions; donations of sick time are not

Funds will remain in a general accounting fund until need is identified.

Committee’s Role

Applications are based on a case-by-case basis and must be reviewed by an appointed committee through Human Resources.