Faculty & Staff

Tuition Waiver

Available for all full-time employees (faculty, classified, externally funded, and union), waiver benefits are for ICC credit courses for you, your spouse, and unmarried children under 26 and living with you — or under 26 and not living with you but defined by the IRS as dependent children.
  • Tuition waivers may be used a maximum of two times for the same course
  • Only credit classes that receive a letter grade are eligible for tuition waiver
  • Does not cover fees, non-credit courses or *audit registrations

Full-time or adjunct faculty and staff may not enroll as full-time students; therefore; the number of credit hours, which may be taken, must be fewer than twelve (12) during a regular semester and fewer than six (6) during a summer session.

Employee Designation
Tuition Waiver Process

*Full-time Faculty
Tuition is waived automatically upon registration.

Full-time Staff
Tuition is waived automatically upon registration.

Adjunct Faculty
Active adjunct faculty members are eligible for 1 tuition-free credit class (not to exceed 5 credit hours) for each term taught. Tuition waivers may be applied during the same term class is being taught or taken within one calendar year of the end of the semester when the teaching occurred.

**Dual Credit Instructor
Waivers are earned as adjunct faculty.

Hourly Staff
Based upon hours actually worked the previous calendar year, a part-time employee may earn course waivers for credit classes (not to exceed 5 credit hours per class) for themselves or their dependent as follows:
400-799 hours: 1 class
800-1199 hours: 2 classes
1200+ hours: 3 classes

Part-time Union Staff
Tuition is waived after one year of continuous service and a minimum of 1,000 hours worked.

Spouses and dependent children of full-time faculty and staff, adjunct faculty, dual credit instructors, part-time union, and part-time classified or retirees who enroll in graded credit courses at the College are eligible to have their tuition waived. The dependent benefit is available to full-time staff the semester immediately following employment at the College. Part-time union dependent benefit is available after two years of continuous service and a minimum of 2,000 hours worked. The dependent benefit is available to adjunct faculty members and dual credit instructors after 3 successful terms of instruction.

* Per faculty contract, full-time faculty are eligible to receive tuition waivers for audited classes.

** Dual credit instructors will be defined as adjunct faculty for purposes of compliance with ICCB guidelines. As a dual credit instructor for ICC, they have the opportunity to participate in all activities associated with being an adjunct instructor including ICC’s Tuition Waiver Program. Dual credit instructors are not considered employees eligible for compensation, other benefits or union affiliation.

*** This benefit is intended to cover unmarried children of eligible employees and retirees who are under the age of 26 living with the employee/retiree, or children under the age of 26 who are not living with the employee/retiree, but who are defined by the IRS as dependent children of that employee/retiree.

To receive a tuition waiver, the employee/student is required to complete a tuition waiver form each semester and submit it to Human Resources for approval. Once approved, HR will forward to Student Accounting for final processing. Employees/students will receive email notifications informing them of the status of the tuition waiver during the approval process.