Faculty & Staff

Tuition Reimbursement

Full-time Faculty, Management, Classified and Carpenter’s union staff who successfully complete classes at accredited colleges and universities may apply to have a portion of their tuition costs reimbursed by the College.

Adjunct Faculty are eligible for tuition reimbursement for courses taken elsewhere with prior approval following these requirements:

  • Eligible adjunct faculty have completed at least 3 successful semesters of teaching at ICC as documented by classroom observations
  • The course to be taken directly relates to their teaching
  • Taking the course fulfills part of their Professional Learning Plan and has been approved by the Dean/Associate Dean and Human Resources prior to taking the course
  • Only grades of “A” or “B” are reimbursed once the grade report is provided to Human Resources
  • One course per year per adjunct faculty member should be approved due to the limited total funds available of $2500

The reimbursement rate is $170 per ECH* for Summer, Fall and Spring in order to compensate partial rates of the state universities. No more than 16 credit hours per fiscal year (July 1st through June 30th) will be considered for any individual. Reimbursement will be made after a passing grade is achieved. (Note: The tuition reimbursement can be applied to cover the cost of fees for courses completed if the cost of the tuition is covered by a grant, scholarship or other financial assistance. Priority for utilization of funds would be to pay for all tuition reimbursement claims before fees are considered.)

* The reimbursement rate will be reviewed annually and benchmarked against the average cost of attending public four year institutions. Rates will be set July 1st of each fiscal year.

This program does not cover externally funded employees.


Applications should be in memo form, addressed to the appropriate Cabinet member with signature from the direct supervisor by July 1 for the Summer term, by November 1 for the Fall term and by April 1 for the Spring term. Those submitted after the deadline will be held until the following term. Requests will be considered for two prior semesters only. Once applications are approved by the appropriate Cabinet member, a copy will be forwarded to the Human Resources office.

The application for participation should include the following:

  • A brief statement of how the class(es) will augment instruction or benefit the staff member. (Those with a brief statement of how the course(s) will augment instruction or be of benefit will be awarded first with the available funds on a first-come;first-served basis.)
  • The application should be supported by the staff member’s development plan.
  • The beginning and end dates of the class(es) or program.

The request will be date stamped and filed for processing at the end of the term after all requests for reimbursements have been made.

At the end of the semester, those requesting reimbursement will submit the following to Human Resources Department for processing reimbursement:

  • Proof of payment of tuition by providing a copy of the statement marked paid from the college or university attended, a copy of the receipt for payment or a copy of the cancelled check (for auditing purposes)
  • A copy of the grade receipt or official transcript, which indicates successful completion of the class(es).

Upon approval from the appropriate Cabinet member and Human Resources, a request for disbursement of funds will be made to the Vice President of Administration and Finance. Reimbursement checks will be issued upon that final recommendation.

Available funds per budget year: $25,000