Faculty & Staff

Paid Time Off and Sick Leave


Full-time Classified

Full-time hourly employees will earn vacation time based on the employee’s full-time active employment at the following rates: First (1) through and including the fifth (5) year of continuous services — 0.83 days per month cumulative to 10 workdays or 80 hours per year.

Full-time Union

1-5 years of continuous services, you earn 10 days per year at the rate of 6 ⅔ hours per month. Vacation days must be earned before they can be used, however, during the first 6-months of employment, you are not eligible to use any earned vacation days.

Full-time Faculty

Full-tim faculty also do not accrue vacation hours.

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty also do not accrue vacation hours.


Full-time salaried employees will accrue 1.83 days (14.64 hours) of vacation per month for a total of 22 days per year, beginning on the first day of their employment.

* For Externally Funded Employees: Earned vacation days must be used by the close of the grant year or be forfeited. Days may not be carried over.

Sick Leave

Part-time Classified

Time is accrued at a rate of 0.02 hours of leave per hours worked in each calendar year. Sick leave can be used for personal business, holiday, or bereavement leave.

Full-time Classified

Full-time hourly employees earn one day (8 hours) of sick leave with pay for each full month of active employment up to a maximum of twelve (12) days (96 hours) per calendar year.

Part-time Union

Time is accrued at a rate of 0.04 hours of leave per hours worked in each calendar year after completing your 90-day probationary period. Maximum leave in one year is 100 hours.

Full-time Union

Each regular full-time employee shall earn sick leave at the rate of one (1) day for each full month of employment to a maximum accumulation of two hundred sixty (260) days. Sick Leave must be earned before it can be used.

Full-time Faculty

Beginning on the date of full-time employment, you are granted 30 days sick leave for the first year. Beginning the 3rd academic year of continuous employment, you are granted 15 days.

Adjunct Faculty

Granted one hour sick leave per ECH taught per semester, for example, if you are teaching a 3 ECH course that would be 3 sick leave hours in a semester.


Full-time salaried employees earn 1.25 days (10 hours) of sick leave with pay for each full month of full-time, active employment or a maximum of fifteen (15) days 9120 hours) per calendar year.

* Employees who resign or terminate employment with the College for any reason will not receive pay for unused hours.

Personal Days

Every fiscal year, for full-time salaried and every calendar year for full-time hourly employees who have completed their on-boarding periods, two days (16 hours) of earned sick leave may be used for urgent personal business or for religious reasons. Such absences, if approved, will be granted with pay if sufficient sick leave time has been accumulated. If personal days are not used each year, they shall be accumulated as sick leave days. Except under extenuating circumstances, an advance notice of at least 24 hours must be given to the employee’s immediate supervisor prior to the employee taking a personal leave day.

Personal leave time may not be taken in increments of less than one hour and shall not be granted the workday preceding or the workday immediately following a holiday or approved vacation period unless requested and approved at least 24 hours in advance. Unused personal days are not paid out upon the employee’s resignation or termination.

Employees covered by a CBA should refer to that document for information related to personal leave.

College Holidays

  • Labor Day — observed on the first Monday in September
  • Thanksgiving Break — observed on the fourth Thursday and Friday in November
  • Winter Break — typically observed between December 24 – January 2, consult the Administrative & Academic Calendar for each year’s accurate dates
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day — observed on the third Monday in January
  • Memorial Day — observed on the last Monday in May
  • Independence Day — observed on July 4

Bereavement Leave

For bereavement leave, the “immediate” family is defined as spouse, significant other, child, siblings, parent, father-in-law, or mother-in-law, grandparents and grandchildren wherever they may reside, or other relative living permanently within the employee’s immediate household. The definition of “relative outside of his/her own immediate family or household” shall be aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, cousin (in the first degree). This definition is understood to apply  to the employee’s own relatives. It does not include the spouse’s relatives except those four specific instances cited in the paragraph above as in-laws.

Full- and part-time employees shall be paid their base pay or their contracted rate of base pay for up to a maximum of three (3) consecutive workdays at his/her regular rate of pay, to attend the funeral of a immediate family member and up to one (1) workday for the funeral of a relative outside of his/her own immediate family or household. Such absences shall be separate from the employee’s sick leave and shall be noncumulative.

A faculty member who is absent from work to attend the funeral of a family member or a member of their household will be paid his/her contracted rate of pay for actual time lost from his/her scheduled work time, up to a maximum of three (3) consecutive days with a teaching assignment. Bereavement Leave is separate from the employee’s sick leave  and is non-cumulative. Approved absences beyond the three (3) consecutive days will be taken from the faculty member’s sick leave day bank.

Employees may take additional time off either as paid personal time off, vacation, or time off without pay, with prior management approval, when extenuating circumstances exist (IE: distance required to travel).

ICC may, at its discretion, require evidence to verify an absence to attend such funeral prior to paying for time lost.