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Enrolled full-time employees and eligible enrolled dependents are covered for expenses commencing on and after the employee’s first day of employment. If you do not enroll within seven days after your first day of employment, you will be considered to have declined the coverage.

If you decline coverage, it may be possible to enroll yourself and all dependents in the future provided you have one of the following qualifying events and:

  1. Apply within 30 days after your other coverage is lost for reasons other than for non-payment of premium
  2. A person eligible for the Plan may enroll within 60 days of the eligibility date, termination date, or premium assistance eligibility date of Medicaid or CHIP
  3. If you acquire a new dependent as a result of marriage, birth, adoption or placement for adoption, you must request enrollment within 30 days of the marriage, birth, adoption or placement for adoption, with coverage effective the date of the event

Open enrollments, if any, will be held at the discretion of the College, except for dependent children as noted under the definition of Dependent. You may not be covered as both an employee and as a spouse under this Plan. If you are covered as the subscriber under another health care plan, you are not eligible for this Plan unless an exception is made by the Plan Sponsor (not applicable to some bargaining agreements). If you do not change coverage as provided within the period specified, it will be necessary for you to await an open enrollment period, at a date established by the College. If two (2) employees are married, one employee must be designated as the employee and their spouse and/or child(ren) would be considered dependents. Those employees who were approved to retire under the guidelines established by the Board of Trustees may elect to continue their coverage. The retiree must reimburse the College for the applicable premium. A surviving spouse of an active employee may elect to continue within the College’s group health plan for six months. A surviving spouse of a retired employee (who retired under the guidelines established by the Board of Trustees) may elect to continue their coverage. The surviving spouse would continue to pay the regular employee contribution, or retiree premium, for participating in the Plan.