Faculty & Staff


Illinois Central College is committed to producing an environmentally sound campus by reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill, promoting the reuse of materials that once would have been thrown out, and the recycling of as many items as possible.

Recycling Staff

Brad Krouse

What we Recycle

Aluminum Cans Aluminum Foil Batteries
Coated Wire Ink Cartridges Cocks and Faucets
Steel Cans Paper Brass
Clear Glass Iron Metal Disks
Magazines (non-glossy) Phone books Cardboard
Colored Glass Light Bulbs E-Waste
Newspapers Plastics 1-5, 7 Cell Phones
Copper Toner Cartridges Used Computers

How Can You Help?

On average ICC recycles 47 tons of materials each year but we are unable to do it without tghe help of the students and staff. Here are some tips to help you help us!

* Paper Recycling –

“Paper Only” recycling bins have been conviently placed in the hallways throughout the three campuses. It is staff’s responsibility to empty their desk side container into the larger bin in the hall.


Break the cardboard down and leave it in the hallway for pick up. If you will have an excess amount of cardboard, please call ext. 101A for a special pick up.

*Toner Cartridges-

The bin to recycle Hewitt Packer toner cartridges is located on the first floor of the East Peoria Campus near Room 104, or send it in Campus Mail to 101A and we will take care of it. Konic Minolta toner cartridges go to the Mail Room to be sent back to the company to recycle.

*Plastic/Aluminum Recyling Containers-

Located at regular intervals in the halls for your disposal convience.

*Recycling Containers-

Need a recyling container? Just call ext. 5120 or send your request through CMMS and have one delivered to you.

*Hazardous Chemicals-

The Recycling Department will be happy to help safely dispose of any hazardous chemicals. Please make sure all waste is labeled.

The following are NOT acceptable recycling items:

-Any glossy or shiny paper

-Fax paper


-Folders (metal/plastic)

-Papers Towels

-Paper Clips


-Any other non-paper items