Faculty & Staff

Custodial Teams by Area

East Peoria Campus

1st floor Academic Building, 1st floor L/A Building, Fac Hall, Technology Building 1st-3rd floor, Stairs, Document Services, RR, and PAC
Marybeth McFarden
Anna Huskisson
Robert Gilliam

1st Floor Garbage & Classrooms; NW/SW stairwells by L104 & L206 (elevator #4)

1st Shift Float
Jeff Coon
Kristine Cannon

2nd Floor Academic Building, Library, Bookstore, Atrium, 2nd floor CC
Kourtney Mack
Jordan Howard
Terry Paluska

2nd Floor Garbage and Classrooms, & Check Restrooms; 1st Floor 129-136
Tajma Turman

3rd Floor Academic Building, Stairs, Student Lounge, Bridge Team Cleaning, RR by library
Challi Welch
Andres Garcia
Heather Hasty

2nd & 3rd Floor Garbage and Classrooms/Check Restrooms/Hallway, Facilities, & Breakroom, 120-128, Stairwells
Katie Jacob

AIT Garbage and Classrooms

AIT Building, Cat Building and DPET Building
David Lewis
Michelle Schmider
Walter Baker

Café Brévé, Child Care, Vacuum Hallway, Mats in Cafeteria
Terry Shorty

Tim Jacobs
Jamie Gresham

CougarPlex (Locker Rooms, Exercise Rooms, Offices, Concessions, Fitness Center and Track & Campus Housing )
Archie Davis
Lisa Neff

Dirksen Hall and Lawrence/Land Lab
Teresa Evans

Float/AIT/Facilities 1st Floor Hallways/CAT/DPET
Robin Ferguson

Lobby, 4th floor Administration Building and 4th floor library, Float
Cesario Diaz

Team Cleaning Float, Weekend Float

Peoria Campus

Terry Schmider

Lower Arbor, Arbor South

Hickory Hall
Thomas Law

North Campus Team Cleaning – Upper Arbor, Maple, Poplar, Student Service Center
Cesar Mejia
Lori Bright
Christine Hasty

2nd Shift Part-Time-Peoria & CougarPlex (Sun)
Scott Musslman

Birch, Cedar Team Cleaning
Georgina Munoz
Kenny Rutherford

Margie Pintar

Sandra Hibbard