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Assessment of Student Learning Documents for Spring 2019

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Course Assessment Project

ILO Assessment

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Programs of Study Assessment (Discipline)

Read our 2015 plan on Assessment of Student Learning.

Course-Level Assessment

Visit Course-Level Assessment Website to complete and share your course-level assessment – at ICC we assess student learning in every course every semester that a course is taught.

For an online tutorial that will show you how to log in and complete your course-level assessment, visit Course-Level Assessment Tutorial.

For printable step-by-step instructions on completing your course-level assessment, visit Course-Level Assessment Guidelines.

Program Goal Mapping in Applied Science Degrees and Certificates

Curriculum Planning, Development, and Assessment Guide
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ICC Assessment Resources

Visit the ICC Assessment Resources site for information about:

  • Basic Assessment
  • General Education Assessment
  • Course-Level Assessment
  • Program-Level Assessment
  • Co-Curricular Assessment
  • Assessment Fair Resources