Emergency Response Guide

Reporting a Crime or Emergency

From a cell phone: (309) 694-5111  From an ICC campus landline: 5111

Call or text from your ICC RAVE Guardian App

Crime Reporting

At ICC, Campus Police are the closest emergency responders and the 911 liaison with other agencies. Campus Police strongly encourages all staff, students, and visitors of ICC to report all crimes and to encourage victims or witnesses of crime to voluntarily report. At the request of the reporting victim or witness, the department will make every effort to maintain confidentiality with respect to the law and College policies.

If you discover a crime scene, do not touch anything. If you witness a crime in progress, do not approach or attempt to apprehend the persons involved. Take only actions necessary for self-defense. In both situations, get to a safe place and call Campus Police immediately. Stay on the line with the dispatcher and remain in a safe place until help arrives.

Provide as much information as you can, including:

  • Type of crime or criminal behavior
  • Location
  • Description of persons (height, weight, gender, hair, clothing, etc.) and any weapons involved
  • Direction of suspect(s) travel away from the scene
  • Vehicle description (color, make, model, license plate number)

Mobile Safety App

Download the ICC RAVE Guardian App from the App Store or Google Play. Registration is quick and easy. You just need your cell phone number and ICC email address.
With the ICC RAVE Guardian App, you can connect quickly to an ICC Campus Police Dispatcher. You can also submit crime tips and photos by text, anonymously if you wish.

Emergency Call Boxes

Take note of call boxes on blue lighted pillars in some outside walkways at the East Peoria Campus, Campus Housing, and Peoria Campus. You can use these to talk directly with the Campus Police Department. Call boxes/phones are also located in all elevators and at some exterior doors on all campuses.

Online Reporting

You can submit an online report for incidents of sexual violence, dating or domestic violence, or stalking.

You can also submit an online report for an incident or concern to the Dean of Students Office.

You can report anonymously using these forms.

Additional ICC Campus Resources

Dean of Students, East Peoria Library Administration Bldg L221: (309) 694-5573
Counseling Center, Career Center 200: (309) 694-5281 or [email protected]
Title IX Coordinator: (309) 690-5515 or [email protected]
Human Resources: (309) 694-5720 or [email protected]
Facilities Services: (309) 694-5120 (electrical outage, heating or air-conditioning, water leaks, ventilation problems)
Technology Services, East Peoria L122 (309) 694-5457 or Technology Services Support Online (telephone, computer, or internet issues, technical problems with door locks and ID badges)

Other Local Agencies

East Peoria Police: (309) 698-4700
Peoria Police: (309) 673-4521
Pekin Police: (309) 346-3132
Center for Prevention of Abuse: (800) 559-SAFE

Trapped in an Elevator

Do not try to exit the elevator car through the roof or by forcing the doors. Use the elevator’s emergency phone, call Campus Police at (309) 694-5111 from a cellular phone, turn on the emergency alarm, or bang on the doors and shout for assistance. Wait for trained personnel to assist you from the elevator.

Wild Animals

If a wild animal (such as a bat or raccoon) is inside a building, try to safely isolate it in a room by closing doors behind you and keeping people away. Call Campus Police at (309) 694-5111 immediately if you see an animal wandering loose on campus.

Electrical/Plumbing Emergency

Do not touch equipment that is smoking, sparking, or giving off electrical shocks. Never enter areas where electrical equipment is under water. Call Campus Police at (309) 694-5111 from a safe place.