Emergency Response Guide

Medical Emergencies

Immediately report all injuries, illnesses, and other serious health issues to Campus Police at (309) 694-5111.

  • Give your name, location, and description of the person and health concern.
  • Do not attempt to move an injured person unless it is absolutely necessary to prevent further injury.
  • You may provide first aid if you are trained and it is safe to do so.
  • Calmly assure the injured person that help is on the way.
  • Help responders locate the victim and remain available to assist as needed.

All injuries on campus must be reported and documented on an ICC Accident/Incident/Injury Report form by ICC Police, a manager or supervisor, or Human Resources.

You can prepare for medical emergencies by taking first aid and CPR training classes.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Locations

East Peoria Campus

  • Academic Building: Campus Police Dispatch, 103A
  • Academic Building: Day Care area, between 127B & 128B (pediatric pads)
  • Academic Building: Cafeteria, near stairwell by Room 203
  • Academic Building: walkover bridge near elevator, Rooms 329/330 area
  • Technology Center: between Room TC 205 & men’s restroom
  • AIT building: hallway between Room 209 & elevator
  • Performing Arts Center: Lobby near Dance Studio
  • Dirksen Hall: main hallway by Room 3
  • Horticulture Land Lab: Lobby / restroom area

CougarPlex Fitness Center

  • 2nd floor, Upper Level Fitness Center
  • 1st floor, Concession Stand area
  • 1st floor, Competition Gym
  • 1st floor, Lobby near Athletics Office

Peoria Campus

  • Arbor Hall: Upper level by Elevator
  • Arbor Hall: North Wing, near A25
  • Arbor Hall: South Wing, Dental Clinic
  • Birch Hall: Hallway by B116
  • Cedar Hall: Lobby, near C101
  • Dogwood Hall: Upper level near restrooms by Culinary Arts
  • Hickory Hall: Near H115 and back hallway entrance/exit
  • Maple Hall: Lobby
  • Poplar Hall: Lobby
  • Student Center: Cafeteria seating

Pekin Campus

  • Lobby / vending area


Seizures are a common medical emergency. If someone is having a seizure:

  • Call ICC Police at (309) 694-5111
  • Loosen clothing around the person’s neck if appropriate and safe to do so.
  • Do not try to restrain or hold the person down or insert any objects in the person’s mouth.
  • Reassure bystanders and tell them to give the person room.
  • Remove sharp objects, glasses, furniture, etc. from around the person to prevent injury.
  • After the seizure, it is helpful to lay the person on his or her left side to maintain an open airway.
  • There may be confusion for a period of time after a seizure. The person’s condition should be monitored until emergency responders arrive.


  • Call Campus Police at (309) 694-5111
  • Check the victims mouth and clear of foreign matter.
  • Use abdominal thrusts if trained to do so.

Alcohol Intoxication/Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning can be fatal. Do not allow an intoxicated person to “sleep it off.” Stay with the person and call Campus Police at (309) 694-5111 immediately if the person:

  • Breathes shallowly; looks pale
  • Cannot be roused
  • Has a head injury
  • Has cold, clammy skin
  • Has taken other drugs with alcohol
  • Is incoherent or vomiting