Emergency Response Guide

Hazardous Materials

All major hazardous materials (hazmat) spills or contamination on campus must be reported to ICC Police immediately at (309) 694-5111. Be prepared to provide (and spell) the names of the materials involved and to describe the location, size, and nature of the incident. Material Safety Data Sheets for hazardous material used on our campuses are available on the ICC intranet under “Safety Programs and Policies”.

A major hazardous material emergency exists when any of these conditions are present:

  • Clean-up of the material is beyond the level of knowledge, training, or ability of the staff in the immediate area.
  • The spill creates a situation that is immediately dangerous to the lives or health of persons in the area.
  • A large quantity is spilled (more than one gallon of liquid or one pound of solid)
  • The material spilled is highly toxic or unknown.
  • A fire hazard may be present.
  • The material has the potential to reach the environment (e.g., via a floor drain).
  • The spill is in a common area (e.g., hallway or other area accessible to the public).
  • Advanced Personal Protective Equipment (more than gloves and a face mask) is required to respond to the spill.

In a major hazardous material emergency, call the Campus Police Department immediately at (309) 694-5111:

  • Evacuate nearby rooms that may be affected or the entire building if need be.
  • Isolate contaminated persons, do not allow them to leave or to spread the contamination. Avoid contamination or chemical exposure to yourself.
  • Follow the instructions of emergency responders.

Minor Hazardous Material Emergency

The person responsible for the spill may clean up a minor spill that presents no immediate threat to personal health or safety or of being released in the environment. Call the Facilities Services Department at 694-5120 for help.

Employee Responsibility

All employees working in areas where hazardous materials are used or stored are responsible for knowing the properties of the materials they use and the proper procedures to deal with spills. The ICC Custodial Department and the Manager of Risk Safety, Benefits and Leaves have primary responsibilities in determining hazmat spill response. If neither is available, ICC Police shall determine whether to call for additional response.