Stock & Securities

Gifts of stock have been increasingly popular and are an excellent way to show support for the College. By simply transferring ownership of a security to the ICC Educational Foundation, you can avoid capital gains taxes and can typically deduct the full fair market value of a long-term appreciated security. For the Foundation’s gift crediting and accounting purposes, the value of the securities is the average of the high and low on the date of the gift, in accordance with IRS regulations.

Closely Held Securities

Gifts of closely held corporate stock or other securities which are not publicly traded may also be contributed to the Foundation as determined on a case-by-case basis. Your charitable contribution would be based on the fair market appraised value of the securities. Gifts of securities that require a holding period may be accepted and can be sold when the holding period has expired. Gifts of securities that will not be accepted include: securities that are assessable or in any way could create a liability to the Foundation; securities that, by their nature, may not be assigned; and securities that on investigation have no apparent value.