Winter Olympics

With the Winter Olympics underway, it is time to enjoy a celebrated tradition every four years. Prepare for several weeks of high excitement and competition. Here are three events that I enjoy watching during the Winter Olympics.

One of my favorite events to watch is snowboarding. The competitors slide downhill on their snowboard while completing objectives, stunts, tricks, etc.

Another event that can provide you with entertainment is bobsleigh. A team sport with 2-4 members that make timed runs while making narrow turns into a bobsled. It is interesting to see how each group will maneuver around the track and the fast pace they’re going at.

If you need a mix of skiing and rifle shooting, biathlon is the sport for you. The amount of focus and determination each athlete has is unbelievable. Pressure rises during this event as competitors focus on finishing a race while shooting five targets with their rifles.

These are a few Winter Olympics sports I enjoy watching. What are your top 3 favorite Winter Olympic sports? Check out this week’s Top 3 and share your responses at ICC Top 3.