Semester Goals

Every semester, I set goals to keep myself on track during the school year. Think about goals you want to achieve while attending Illinois Central College. Here are two goals that I have for this semester.

The first goal is establishing a study schedule. As a college student, life can be busy. I want to devote enough time to finish my schoolwork each week. I’ll have enough time to complete assignments and have free time to myself with the schedule I developed.

The second goal is going to bed at a reasonable time. There have been plenty of nights where I’d stay up late and wake up exhausted the next day. I want to maximize my experience at ICC and be able to learn. I will be prepared for class each day with a good night of sleep.

These are a couple of goals I have set for the school year. What are your goals for this semester? Check out this week’s Top 3 and share your responses at ICC Top 3.