NBA Playoffs

The 2022 NBA Playoffs are almost underway as the final play-in games wrap up tonight. The playoff field is filled with talented teams from both conferences. Who will win this year’s championship? Play-in game coverage begins at 6:30 pm on ESPN for the East and 9:00 pm on TNT for the West.

On Tuesday, the Brooklyn Nets and Minnesota Timberwolves clinched the #7 seed leaving one spot left for each conference. The battle for the #8 seed is finalized tonight between the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. the Atlanta Hawks and the Los Angeles Clippers vs. the New Orleans Pelicans.

The first matchup will be between the #1 Phoenix Suns and the #8 seed play-in game winner in the Western Conference. The #4 Dallas Mavericks will play #5 Utah Jazz. The #3 Golden State Warriors will verse the #6 Denver Nuggets, and the #2 Memphis Grizzlies will play the #7 Minnesota Timberwolves to round out the West.

In the Eastern Conference, the first matchup will be between the #1 Miami Heat and the #8 seed play-in game winner. The #4 Philadelphia 76ers will play the #5 Toronto Raptors. The #3 Milwaukee Bucks will verse the #6 Chicago Bulls, and the #2 Boston Celtics will play the #7 Brooklyn Nets to round out the East.

The NBA Playoffs begin tomorrow, Saturday, April 16. First-round coverage will start at 12:00 pm and is available on ESPN, TNT, or ABC. Start the weekend off with the playoffs and follow along to see which team will be the champion.