How to Survive a Busy Day on Campus

Busy days on campus are never the best; it can be hard to knock out each day as a student. At Illinois Central College, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your day. Here are two ways to make a long day on campus more enjoyable.

The Canteen Dining Hall is my most visited spot on campus. The cafeteria is a wide-open area for students to hang out, and wide food selection. It can be hard going through the day with no food in your system. When I eat, I use it as my downtime from schoolwork. I give myself small breaks periodically throughout the day to relieve any stress and fuel myself back up for the rest of the day.

If I have spare time to kill off, I go into the library or stay in the cafeteria to study for upcoming classes or complete assignments. Most of my days are spent here on campus, and my goal is to finish most of my work before I go home for the day. It is easier for me to complete assignments on campus rather than at home, and I tend to get distracted easily and procrastinate.

These are a few ways I spend my time on a long day on campus. Utilize your time wisely and stagger it out to prevent a stress-load of a day. Developing a flexible schedule can assist students in achieving more each day and leaving them with less to finish after a busy day on campus.