First Year of College Experience

The first year of college can be stressful for students, but the experience is valuable. After one year in, I’ve learned how to manage life as a college student and still have more to discover. Here are three lessons that I learned during my first year.

The number one lesson I learned is to stay on top of your coursework. I’ve worked hard to do well in my classes throughout the fall and spring semesters to make sure I’m setting myself up for success, even if I don’t realize it. Avoiding procrastination is always crucial, and if you have time to work ahead, utilize it. There will be no worries once the work is finished, and you’ll be prepared for the next class period.

Another lesson is that you don’t have to have your life all figured out. I’ve already switched which four-year university I’m transferring to after my time at ICC. It was stressful and confusing, and I felt that I needed to have everything worked out. After talking with my parents and advisor, I was able to regroup and take it one step at a time. Changing your major or university is not the end of the world, you’ll pull through. Find a career path that suits you and learn more about it.

Lastly, leave time for yourself to relax. I rarely had free time available with school, work, and family priorities. My brain was hard-wired to focus on school only; I could enjoy the free time when the semester was over. During the spring semester, I experienced this and regretted not dedicating more time to myself. Even though you’re a college student, it doesn’t mean your life revolves around school and work 24/7. It’s essential to make sure you’re in a good spot and can still allow time for yourself.

These are three valuable lessons I learned throughout my first year in college. As the semester winds down, there is still more to learn but plenty to look back on.