Bucket List

Having a bucket list helps remind us of what is important to ourselves. These lists give you something to look forward to as you try to achieve them throughout your life. Here are a few items that I have on my bucket list.

I have never traveled outside of the United States. I would love to travel to Jamaica and explore the Caribbean island. The country offers a variety of scenery with beautiful beaches and mountains.

I want to visit every NFL stadium in the country. My grandparents started this trend by visiting different ballparks. I want to do the same by experiencing a football game in each location. It would be great to see the different designs of the stadiums and witness the atmosphere.

At some point in my life, I want to own a Mclaren. It has been my dream car for quite a long time. It would be amazing to own any model of the vehicle. It may take some time for me to check this item on the list. Maybe someday it will happen.

These are a few bucket list ideas that I have set for myself. What is on your bucket list? Check out this week’s Top 3 and share your responses at ICC Top 3.