April Fools’ Day

It’s not only the first day of a new first month, and it is also April Fool’s Day. A tradition of people playing practical jokes on others, here are three tricks to pull on others to enjoy the April Fools’ activity.

One trick that will give someone a laugh is placing googly eyes on a person’s objects. Place them on a soap bottle, snacks, remotes, or anything a person may use. It is a fun way to pull a prank on others as they realize that their objects are all staring at them.

Another joke to try is rearranging kitchen utensils in drawers. Most people know exactly where their forks or knives go. Mix around the silverware, and it will cause cooking chaos the next time the person tries to cook.

The last trick is to pile a room filled with balloons and wait for someone to discover the surprise. Find many balloons, air them up, and lay them across the room.

These are three tricks to partake in on the biggest prank day. What are your top April Fools’ moments? Check out this week’s Top 3 and share your responses to ICC Top 3.