3 Ways for Students to Stay Fit

With the warmer months approaching, more opportunities will allow students to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. Prepare for warmer days ahead and get excited to be outside. Here are three ways I use to keep myself healthy and in shape.

Being involved with sports such as golf and tennis has impacted my fitness level throughout my life. I used to play tennis for my high school and worked at a golf course that offered free course fees. During the spring and summer, I would try to participate in both activities throughout the week. Although I’m not a player on the tennis team or an employee at the golf course, I still enjoy these sports on my own time.

Another way I stay healthy is by taking my mini Goldendoodle on long walks. My dog loves to take walks, and it’s a great way to keep myself and her active. Each walk is roughly half an hour to an hour, allowing enough time to get in my exercise for the day. Regardless of owning a pet, you can still take a walk or run independently.

Purchasing a gym membership will benefit you through the end of winter to help you stay fit. I have never been a big gym person, but I like the variety of selections when working out at a gym. Whether you prefer weight lifting, workout machines, running, etc., there will be a gym that will meet your needs.

These are a few activities I enjoy participating in to stay healthy and fit. What are your top 3 favorite fitness routines? Check out this week’s Top 3 and share your responses at ICC Top 3.