3 Things Every Student Should Know

Did you know about some of the resources that Illinois Central College has to offer for their students? Here is a list of three things that every ICC student should know.

The first thing a student should know is how to take proper notes in class. It’s important to come to class prepared each day, look over upcoming course material to give yourself a head start. If your instructor is going too fast, don’t feel afraid to take a picture of the notes. By taking a picture, it allows you to review the material and catch back up.

The second thing is keeping in touch with your advisor. The ICC Academic Advisement office will guide students as they strive to keep you on the right path to success. They support students’ needs and focus towards their academic and graduation requirements. Set up an appointment with your advisor, they’d be happy to help you.

The third thing a student should know is to check their MyICC. The website provides a variety of resources for students to access and utilize.  There is also eServices, which assists students with their class schedule, financials, enrollment status, and more. MyICC is a great way for students to keep track of important information that is compacted into one website.

Here are a few things that every college student should know to stay on top of their education.