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Virtual Murder Mystery

Tue, Oct 19 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pmZoom

Join the ICC Library “One Book, One College” Committee for a virtual murder mystery game October 19 at 2 pm on Zoom. The 2021-22 selection, One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus, is a modern mystery set in a high school. During this murder mystery event, you can participate as potential suspects and help solve a murder mystery on campus.

One of Us Is… Murdered!

It’s an ordinary day in the library on a rainy October afternoon. You and everyone else were minding their own business when suddenly… The lights go out! In the ensuing chaos, the library director comes out of her office to tell everyone to remain calm. Suddenly there’s a loud scream and then silence. When the power comes back on a few minutes later, however, you all discover the library director’s body with a bloodied library award for excellence next to the body.

Just then, Campus Police come by to check on everything. When they see the body, they get everyone together in a group. They know the WHAT and the WHERE. Now they need to figure out the WHO. Can you use your detective skills to figure it out before Campus Police?

Come be a character in the story or watch it unfold on October 19 at 2pm!

Deadline for registration is October 18 at 3 pm.


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