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Sex Signals

Wed, Sep 26, 2018 @ 6:00 pmEast Peoria Campus, Performing Arts Center, Main Stage

Sex Signals will be here to talk gender, consent, and relationships! This will be an interactive, relevant, and hilarious exploration about sexual awareness and sexual assault. Sex Signals has become one of the most popular sexual assault prevention programs on college campuses through its unorthodox, humor-facilitated and inclusive approach to examining our culture, sex, and prevention strategies like bystander intervention.

The Impact of Interaction

A two-person team of highly-trained educators takes the audience on an interactive, relevant, and often-hilarious exploration of the cultural messaging we receive about gender, sexuality, sexual health and intimate relationships. It examines what role culture and privilege play in justifying unhealthy and dangerous beliefs about what is acceptable social and sexual behavior. This is all accomplished through facilitated dialogue and several semi-improvisational scenes, the final of which features a college student defending his buddy from a recent accusation of rape. This scene then leads to a focused discussion on the role we all play in stopping sexual violence. It enables audiences to identify intervention strategies and positively change the way they think, communicate and act by encouraging bystander intervention in all aspects of their life.

This program is designed to:

  • Engage audiences in a focused discussion on social pressures, gender stereotypes, unrealistic sexual expectations, and the role of alcohol surrounding hooking up and intimate relationships
  • Establish how these beliefs, attitudes and behaviors can lead to sexual violence
  • Delineate the difference between seduction and coercion; define the nature of sexual violence
  • Empower the audience to identify predatory behavior in others and intervene to support vulnerable members in their communities

By the Numbers

The proof is in the performances. As a result of its tremendous reputation in the higher education community among both students and administration, Sex Signals has been performed over 3,500 times at colleges and universities of all sizes and has been seen by over 1 million students worldwide. MORE THAN 80% of institutions would definitely have the program return. In fact, Sex Signals was awarded “Speaker of the Year” from Campus Activities Magazine in 2015 and 2016.

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