U.S. Sees Continued Job Growth for Automotive Technology

Prepare for a career in the automotive industry! **More technicians and mechanics will be needed in a variety of capacities as the total number of vehicles in use continues to rise. *From 2016 to 2026, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that over 47,000 jobs will be added for Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics.

The automotive industry is continuing to change as new technologies are introduced, such as electric vehicles. Technicians will need to have experience and knowledge of these new advancements in the industry in order to be successful.

While automotive-related courses in high school can provide a good foundation for a career, more education is needed to be competitive for a job opening. ***”Completing a vocational or other post-secondary education program in automotive service technology is considered the best preparation for entry-level positions.”

Automotive Technology at ICC

The Automotive Technology program is a NATEF certified 2-year program that trains you to work on a variety of vehicle makes and models. Automotive Technology combines classroom learning with hands-on experience. The shop is equipped with that latest electronic test equipment to help you diagnose automotive problems. Once you’ve identified the problem, you’ll actually work on the vehicle to make the right adjustments. After completing the program, you can immediately enter the workforce or continue your education by transferring to a 4-year college or university.

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Benefits of ICC

Whether you are enrolling in college classes for the very first time, picking up some coursework to re-tool your skills, filling a gap in your college education, or just wanting to learn something new for the fun of it, ICC can meet your needs.

Quality Education

At ICC, our professors will help prepare you for your next step in the workforce or at a 4-year institution. In fact, our students that transfer often have a higher GPA than native students.

Stackable Careers

We work to create programs that provide the necessary skills to fill in-demand jobs. That way you can start working on a family-sustaining wage sooner. As your career advances, you can build upon your initial certificate or degree with extra courses.


We make our tuition as affordable as possible to help make it easier to get your degree or certificate. In fact, annual tuition is about $4,300-$4,400 without financial aid ($143 per semester hour for District 514 Residents).