Blue Wins 4th Intra-squad Scrimmage

The Blue team more than doubled White in the battle of the boards in ICC women’s basketball scrimmage at Ramsey Gym on November 14, cruising to an 82-72 victory in the team’s fourth intra-squad scrimmage of the fall. Ironically, it was White who had the better offensive numbers (higher field goal percentage and more assists), but Blue collected a whopping 35 more rebounds than White, giving them more opportunities and the win. Winning Blue squad members were: Ayanna Gibbs, Courtney Jones, Kayla Gordon, Keijah Gray, Samaiya Buchanan, and Sh’coria Metts. Stats were recorded but cannot be reported in scrimmages, so here are highlights from our Cougars:

Camryn Stafford: played hard despite playing limited minutes
Cierra McNamee: crashed the boards and got scores inside on transition opportunities
Courtney Heffren: finished on transition layups & jumpers
Dayja Evans: opened the scrimmage by draining several three-point shots
Derria Edwards: went coast-to-coast for scores & had the game-high in assists
Kirstyn Mitchell: made all free throws and netted a double-double in points & rebounds

Ayanna Gibbs: active on both ends of the floor & had a double-double in points/rebounds
Courtney Jones: nailed a three-pointer & had several nice passes to teammates for scores
Kayla Gordon: ran the controls from the PG position and pushed the pace when needed
Keijah Gray: pulled down nearly every rebound to post yet another double-double
Samiaya Buchanan: played with great effort and did a nice job talking/encouraging teammates
Sh’coria Metts: active going to the basket & had a double-double in points & rebounds

As we continue our quest of finding strong female role models, we wanted to share some of the quotes of the day that players discussed this week:

“Think like a queen; a queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness” (by Oprah Winfrey, contributed by Keijah Gray)

“Overpower. Overtake. Overcome” (said by Serena Williams, contributed by Kayla Gordon)

“You’ve got to always look on the bright side; you have control over the choices you make” (said by Taraji P. Henson, contributed by Ayanna Gibbs)

“I’m going to give it my all, whether I rise or fall” (said by Alicia Keys, contributed by Derria Edwards)

“Starve your distractions, feed your focus” (author unknown, contributed by Dayja Evans)

“There is no magic to achievement. It’s really about hard work, choices, and persistence” (said by Michelle Obama, contributed by Samaiya Buchanan)

Some of the unique questions of the day we had this past week:

What’s a bad habit you want to change? #1 answer was procrastinating, also biting fingernails, interrupting, & buying things we don’t need

What was your favorite school lunch? Asian chicken, cheese fries, taco bar, cinnamon rolls

Biggest pet peeve? slow drivers, smacking food, when people don’t try, whiny kid, people who put an end on “Illinois,” meetings that start late or are unnecessary, & pessimists

By doing these activities, we see that the personality of this team is quite lively and the chemistry is getting stronger. Players love the opportunity to scrimmage, and know we will be BETTER TOGETHER when we are all in the same uniform!

Other note: A belated Happy Veteran’s Day to assistant coach Dennie Hieronymus who served 20 years in the Navy. Coach Dennie does a lot of things behind the scenes for us (such as filming scrimmages, uploading them to our HUDL account, and sending out these emails) and we are lucky to have him on staff. We thank him for his service!

Last note: Today is Day 53 of our 60 days of practice and we will continue to improve this week and enjoy every day we get in the gym before having one final scrimmage next Saturday, Nov. 21. Have a great rest of your weekend!