Kirkwood Roughs Up Cougars; #1 Kirkwood 74, #9 ICC 45

The rivalry between the ICC women’s basketball team and Kirkwood has produced many nail-biters, but Saturday afternoon was not one of them as the #1 ranked Eagles ran over the #9 Cougars 74-45. ICC had no answer for Kirkwood’s inside game (Kirkwood scored 38 points in the paint) and the Cougars only shot 31% on the day, leading to the loss.

End of 1st quarter: Kirkwood 17, ICC 13

The Eagles established their inside presence from the get-go, taking an 8-2 lead. Summer Stoewer had 9 points in the first period to keep ICC close.

Halftime: Eagles 40-20

Kirkwood’s defense frustrated ICC into 20% shooting for the quarter; meanwhile, they had no problems scoring on their own to break the game open. ICC scored only two field goals the entire quarter, one each by Moriah Ward and Jordyn Hare.

End of 3rd quarter: 55-29

ICC’s attempt at getting back into the game was thwarted by more poor shooting. Ward, Maia Marshall, and Molli Mulder were the only three who recorded field goals as Kirkwood extended their lead.

4th period

ICC kept attacking but the deficit was too large to put any dent in the score. The Cougars will look to learn from this one.


Becker (5 pts, 5 reb) Stoewer (9 pts, 6 reb) Stafford (7 pts, 5 reb) Marshall (6 pts) Gibbs (4 pts) Hare (2 pts) Ward (6 pts, 5 reb) Washington (3 pts) Mulder (3 pts)