Athletes Honored for Academic Achievements

Our Cougar athletes know that success in the classroom is just as important as success on the court. We are proud to recognize 23 athletes on the President’s list, 24 athletes on the Dean’s list, and 20 athletes on the Director of Athletic’s list for the 2017 Fall Semester. Great job Cougars!

 President’s Honor List

Blake Begner – Baseball
Adam Christianson – Baseball
Jack Burmann – Golf
David Alvarez Fernandez – Men’s Soccer
Gaye Diadie – Men’s Soccer
David Galic – Men’s Soccer
Vicente Garcia – Men’s Soccer
Christian Junna – Men’s Soccer
Olivier Pincourt – Men’s Soccer
Nikola Vujicic – Men’s Soccer
Pedro Wagner – Men’s Soccer
Katie David – Softball
Kayla Ford – Softball
Samantha Garcia – Softball
Samantha McKee – Softball
Lexy Trammell – Softball
Alexis West – Softball
Aubrey Magro – Women’s Basketball
Hannah Detloff – Women’s Soccer
Macy Sophanavong – Women’s Soccer
Maria Alferova – Volleyball
Jessica Norris – Volleyball
Leah TerBush – Volleyball

Dean’s Honor List

Noah Fischer – Baseball
Benjamin Hopkins – Baseball
Colton Hutt – Baseball
Tyler Jones -Baseball
Kyle Weeks – Baseball
Braden Willoughby – Baseball
David Zoz – Baseball
Derek McCoy – Men’s Cross Country
Patrick Greenan – Golf
Carter LeRoy – Golf
Ademola Bakre – Men’s Soccer
Eduardo Ferraz – Men’s Soccer
Mossiah Griffith – Men’s Soccer
Vinicius Maciel Lorenzetti – Men’s Soccer
Alexis Tahet – Men’s Soccer
Shelby Terrell – Softball
McKinsey Walters – Softball
Kellyn Maynard – Women’s Basketball
Sia Williams – Women’s Basketball
Shelby Baker – Women’s Soccer
Christy Torrey – Women’s Soccer
Sara McCoy – Women’s Soccer
Mallory Flynn – Volleyball
Haley Peterson – Volleyball

Director of Athletic’s Honor List

John Cunningham – Baseball
Trevor Davis – Baseball
Dylan Lonteen – Baseball
Benjamin Main – Baseball
Jacob Majernik – Baseball
Dillion Gilkey – Men’s Basketball
Jonah Cecil – Men’s Cross Country
Tacuma Sadlow – Men’s Soccer
Frederico Zanna – Men’s Soccer
Brittney Spiesz – Softball
Abigail Stoller – Softball
Madison Faulkner – Women’s Basketball
Emma Henderson – Women’s Basketball
Bailey Larsen – Women’s Basketball
Kathylee Pinnock Branford – Women’s Basketball
Kenna Carew – Women’s Soccer
Emily Daymude – Women’s Soccer
Savanna Fleeman – Women’s Soccer
Taelor Moore – Women’s Soccer
Jacquelyn Beaver – Volleyball

The Athletic Department takes academics at ICC very seriously. We have high standards of academic performance first and foremost as well as high standards of athletic performance and expectations of personal conduct. In fact, Illinois Central College has a higher GPA requirement than the national office for being able to compete on a team as an athlete. We celebrate with our athletes as they continue to strive for excellence!