Cougars Bounce Kishwaukee (#8 ICC 104, Kishwaukee College 36)

The #8 ICC women’s basketball team hit the century mark for the first time this season as they defeated Kishwaukee College 104-36 in Malta on Saturday afternoon. Four players reached double figures and all Cougars scored in the lob-sided win to move ICC’s record to 16-6 overall, while Kish drops to 5-16.

The Cougars took an 8-6 lead early and then went on an 18-0 run, good for a 28-6 advantage at the end of the first quarter. ICC scored in their half-court sets as Madison Faulkner got six early points, while Kellyn Maynard, Sia Williams, Kathy Pinnock-Branford, and Bailey Larsen also contributed to the Cougar offense to make it 24-6. Jasmine Levy and Pinnock-Branford finished off the quarter with scores as well. ICC outscored Kish 31-12 to take a 59-18 lead at half; the second half was much of the same as the Cougars coasted to the win.

Game goals met:
Win bench scoring: 40-0
Win bench rebounding: 14-0
Win at least 3 quarters
Opponent < than 12 offensive rebounds Met turnover goal

Individual Stats

Levy (8 pts, 6 reb), Faulkner (8 pts), Magro (6 pts, 4 asts), Williams (9 pts, 4 asts), Maynard (16 pts), Pinnock-Branford (10 pts, 6 reb), Henderson (14 pts), Coates (8 reb, 6 pts), Larsen (18 pts, 3 st), Banks (5 reb, 2 pts), Evans (7 pts)

Leading post rebounder: Coates
Leading guard rebounder: P-Branford

Next up: The Cougars return to Ramsey Gym on Wed, Jan. 31 where they will host Carl Sandburg in a 5:30 pm contest with the men’s game following at 7:30 pm.