Girls Basketball Camp Highlights

High fives, the splashing-made baskets, and bouncing basketballs were among the sounds heard at the ICC elementary basketball camp hosted by women’s basketball head coach, Karrie Redeker and staff.  During the week of June 19-22, a total of 46 campers from grades 4th through 6th learned fundamentals, played one on one, three on three, five on five, and a variety of shooting games throughout the week.  We thank all of the campers for coming and hope you return next year!

Competition and Award Winners Include:
6th grade 1 on 1 Champ:  Mia Dusek
6th grade 3 on 3 Champs: Kylee Vaughn, Tru Larson, Madison Kearfott, Libby Hart
7th grade 1 on 1 Champ:  Cora DeSutter
7th grade 3 on 3 Champs:  Cora DeSutter, Sydney Barnes, Trista Hiatt
8th grade 1 on 1 Champ:  Marley Aluyi
8th grade 3 on 3 Champs:  Marley Aluyi, Brianna Schwenk, Josie Burns

Courageous Cougar Award:  Kaylie Hammel
Best Shooter in the Camp Award:  Grace Smalley

Fun. Smiles. New Friends. Laughter and giggles. New skills.  Everyone had a great time!  Come back during the fall and watch the Cougars PLAY B-BALL!!