Athletes Honored for Academic Achievements

A full 59 out of 154 athletes achieved a 3.25-4.00 GPA for the Fall 2016 Semester to receive academic honors. We are proud to recognize 15 athletes on the President’s list, 29 athletes on the Dean’s list, and 15 athletes on the Director of Athletics list.

Director of Athletics Honor List

Alex Peters – Baseball
John Zira – Men’s Basketball
Forest Anderson – Men’s Cross Country
Seth Gunter – Men’s Cross Country
Luka Andonovski – Men’s Soccer
Bojan Bobinac – Men’s Soccer
Dusan Keca – Men’s Soccer
Andre Rocca – Men’s Soccer
Madisyn McCoy – Softball
Jordan Von Rohr – Softball
Bailey Larsen – Women’s Basketball
Serena Meiss – Women’s Basketball
Monica Fisher – Women’s Soccer
Brooke Jacobs – Volleyball
Taylor Shaw – Volleyball

Dean’s Honor List

William Boettcher – Baseball
Grant Hannant – Baseball
Tyler Jones – Baseball
Benjamin Main -Baseball
Jarod McElyea – Baseball
Chet Merritt – Baseball
Tanner Rhoades – Baseball
Austin Ulick – Baseball
David Zoz – Baseball
Christopher Bolden – Men’s Basketball
Noah Wetzel – Men’s Basketball
Colin Siedleck – Men’s Cross Country
Lucas Munter – Golf
Sven Pilek – Men’s Soccer
Tacuma Sadlow – Men’s Soccer
Josiah Ulrich – Men’s Soccer
Kayla Ford – Softball
Brittney Spiesz – Softball
Abigail Stoller – Softball
McKinsey Walters – Softball
Brianna Henson – Women’s Basketball
Kalyn Lyons – Women’s Basketball
Sydney McClintock – Women’s Basketball
Kathylee Pinnock Branford – Women’s Basketball
Cassandra Fitzgibbons – Women’s Cross Country
Dayna Traver – Women’s Cross Country
Emily Daymude – Women’s Soccer
Maria Alferova – Volleyball
Morgan Twing – Volleyball

President’s Honor List

Nicholas Bronson – Baseball
Payton Kelly – Baseball
Cameron Litwiller – Baseball
Ryan McCaughey – Baseball
Thomas Driscoll – Men’s Soccer
David Galic – Men’s Soccer
Luciano Gusmao Nunes – Men’s Soccer
Christian Junna – Men’s Soccer
Nikola Vujicic – Men’s Soccer
Abby Jaques – Softball
Shelby Terrell – Softball
Brandi Fier – Women’s Basketball
Kellyn Maynard – Women’s Basketball
Kenna Carew – Women’s Soccer
Leah TerBush – Volleyball

The Athletic Department takes academics at ICC very seriously. We have high standards of academic performance first and foremost as well as high standards of athletic performance and expectations of personal conduct. In fact, Illinois Central College has a higher GPA requirement than the national office for being able to compete on a team as an athlete. We celebrate with our athletes as they continue to strive for excellence!