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Summer Explorer Camp

Welcome to the ICC Summer Explorer Camp. This camp is for children age 6-12 years old, and is DCFS licensed.

Unfortunately, for Summer 2021 we will not be offering Summer Explorer Camp


Days Per Week
Public Tuition
Faculty/Staff/Student Tuition
1 or 2
4 or 5
  • Registration and activity fee: $40 per child
  • Drop in Rate of $40 for a day if space is available for currently enrolled children (adding a day)
  • Multiple Child Discount: 10% off per additional child
  • A fee of $25 assessed for returned payments or insufficient funds.
  • For families receiving SAL Child Care Connection: It is the parent’s responsibility to get all proper documentation to us for us to fax to their office. The parent will be responsible for registration and weekly payments until approved by SAL Child Care Connection. A refund for over-payment will be issued in cases of back dated approvals. You will set up your co-payments through our office for on-line deductions from ACH or charge or debit cards.


  • Doors OPEN at 6:45 am (Please do not enter before 6:45 am)
  • Doors CLOSE at 5 pm
  • Late fee of $1.00 per minute will occur after 5 pm
  • Sign your child in and out every day

Drop Off/Pick Up

  • Home Classroom: Room 125A
  • Playground: Outside of Room 120
  • Short-term Parking: Lot E or the Daycare Drop Off spots


  • Breakfast: 8:30 – 9 am; Lunch: 11:30 am – 12:15 pm; PM Snack: 2:30 – 3 pm
  • Participate in USDA Food Program= Nutritious Meals
  • Menus Posted – In Room
  • Lunches may be brought in — only eaten during lunch time
  • Students arriving before 7:15am may have a nutritious snack from home, but must be eaten by 7:30 am or discarded.


If needed:

  • Prescription Meds given at Camp must have a signed form by enrolling parent.
  • Original prescription bottle that is dated, labeled, and contains dosage must be brought to camp.


  • Play clothes that can get messy are best (anticipate messy, hot, and dirty)
  • Old tennis shoes for running and some water play are appropriate.
  • NO Flip Flops. All shoes must be appropriate for running and jumping. Athletic sandals are ok if they fit properly. Exception: Flip flops may be taken in a bag with swimsuits for water parks
  • Children are not allowed to wear clothing that is suggestive or portrays controversial topics or words. When in doubt, the children’s center manager will be consulted.
  • Swimsuits and towels should be brought daily. Bikinis are not allowed.

Personal Property

  • NO cell phones or tablets
  • NO toys or games from home
  • YES books allowed for chill time


Communication with parents will be through our Closed Facebook site, email, and phone calls, newsletters

Field Trips

  • Field trips Weekly, On or Off Campus
  • They may be spontaneous (on campus), or pre-planned and announced if off campus.
  • The only way to guarantee participation in a field trip is to attend every day.
  • All off campus trips will occur Monday through Thursday once a week. Some trips may be for older (9-12) or younger (6-8) children only.
  • We may have special arrival times for Off-Campus field trips, please make sure you read weekly notes that are emailed and posted.


  • Swimming will be a combination of off-campus field trips and water play on campus.
  • Our goal is to have at least on swimsuit activity per week.
  • NO bikinis.

Emergency Procedures

  • We will practice monthly evacuation drills in order to prepare for such emergencies. In our primary classroom (125A) our closest exit will be next to 124A (alternate will be next to 127B) and will be our primary evacuation to LOT E. In our secondary classroom (130 A) our closest exit is next to 129B. In case of actual emergency we would proceed up the hill toward parking Lot A. Any long duration of evacuation will have us walking to the CourgarPlex until the all clear is given.
  • We will also practice what to do in case of a lockdown and tornado. In case of tornado we would proceed to the classroom next door 123A which has a lower interior location. In a lockdown we will remain in the locked classroom until directed to exit via our evacuation plan.
  • Please understand that our priority is the safety of the students. We will contact you when things are safe in the event of an actual emergency. Please do not try to enter classrooms or take your child with you during an emergency until the Campus Police determine it is safe to do so.
  • Illinois Central College is requires that there be NO FIREARMS on Campus. Even if you possess concealed carry permit, please do not bring firearms into the building or any part of the Campus.


Children are to have cooperation skills, self-control, and respect for others. All children are to observe the following rules:

  • Children must follow staff direction.
  • Children must not leave an activity or classroom without staff permission.
  • Profanity not allowed.
  • Fighting not allowed.
  • Disruptive or dangerous activity not allowed.
  • Inappropriate behavior may lead to time out, missing special activities, missing field trips, etc.
  • Children who have been behaving inappropriately given a written warning signed by a parent.
  • After three written warnings, a conference with the staff and parents to determine if the behavior can improve with additional guidance.
  • A fourth incident results in the child’s dismissal from the program.
  • In extreme situations, dismissal from the program immediately without any warning can happen.
  • No refunds issued in any disciplinary situation that requires program dismissal.