Around Campus

Parental Involvement

You’re invited to come and participate in your child’s activities at the ICC Children’s Center! Your involvement can improve your child’s education and child care experience… we are eager to welcome your family into our program!

Parent Meetings

Join us for collaborative Parent Meetings held at least two times each semester at the ICC – East Peoria Campus.

In-Class Participation

We welcome parents to come and share about their talents, jobs, and interests. Email [email protected] if you’re interested in getting involved!

Classroom and Field Trip Visits

You’re welcome to come and visit your child anytime and experience the fun and learning they have each day. Playing with your child, reading them a story, or joining them for a snack or lunchtime is fun…please stop by anytime!

Lending Library

We have books, toys, games, videos, and other helpful materials on child growth and development available to parents. Stop by our Library next to Room 128A today!

Other ways to Help

Thanks to the generosity of parents we are able to support our teachers and give our kids special experiences now and then. Check our Wish List to help contribute!

Parent-Staff Communication

We love to talk with parents and keep them up-to-date on their child’s growth and learning. Inside your child’s classroom parent’s have access to:

  • Daily Attendance Sheets
  • Weekly Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack Menu
  • Notice of Upcoming Events
  • Posted Schedule of your child’s daily activities
  • Lesson Plans
  • Daily Report (Full-Time Only)

Parents are also encouraged to keep up-to-date through our periodic newsletters, our Facebook Page, or talking with staff in-person, email, or phone!

Observation Resources

The ICC Children’s Center has an observation window and a complete video monitoring system in each of our classrooms. Through a scheduled appointment, parents can view their child’s activities without them knowing they are present. Please feel free to stop by Room 127B to take a look at how your child has adapted to their classroom or to experience their daily activities! The Center Manager can assist you with these unique features at any time.