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We invite all prospective parents to stop-in and take a tour of our facility and meet our fully-licensed teachers. Contact us to set-up an appointment and afterwards we can start your application.

Child Care Voucher Assistance Program

The Child Care Voucher Assistance Program supports low-income students by supplementing the cost of childcare so students can attend class and focus on their coursework. Students with childcare needs can apply for a voucher to assist with the cost of services at a local, licensed childcare facility or CCAP eligible providers while attending ICC, including the on-site ICC Children’s Center. The voucher is not intended to cover the full cost of childcare expenses but help reduce the cost. A student parents’ eligibility would be based on their financial aid eligibility and the number of credit hours in which they are enrolled.

Childcare Voucher Application

Enhanced Referral Program

A new program with Illinois Central College and Child Care Connection has launched which supports faculty, staff and student parents or guardians in finding childcare, learning about childcare options, navigating the Child Care Assistance Program and choosing quality childcare in the community. A Referral Specialist is available and ready to guide you in making this important decision. Child Care Connection referrals include a short intake to tailor the referral to meet family needs such as: location, siblings together in care, costs, and transportation. *Referrals are not recommendations.

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