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Information on Specific Services

Services for Students with Print Disabilities

The Office for Access Services will work with students with print disabilities on obtaining information in an alternate format through working with the publisher of the requested textbook. Textbooks are not readily available from the publisher in alternate format such as on a CD-ROM or in large print. Converting files from publishers or scanning textbooks, in the event the publisher does not have a file to send, can take anywhere from a period of a few weeks to several months. Therefore it is imperative that students needing alternate format books register early and turn in a copy of their schedule as soon as possible.

Students should turn in a copy of their schedule at least four weeks prior to the beginning of the semester if an alternate format is needed. Students must have sufficient documentation on file to meet the criteria of the publisher for release of alternate format materials; including permission for the college to enlarge a textbook. To protect the copyright of the book, publishers require students to purchase a standard print copy of any needed textbooks and provide a copy of the receipt to the Office for Access Services. Students will be required to sign an agreement before any materials can be released stating the student will not share the alternate format textbook and will return the alternate format once the student is no longer enrolled in the course.

Students not adhering to copyright laws or not returning materials once no longer enrolled in a course, will be ineligible for future alternative format materials until all materials are returned and the issue is resolved. The Office for Access Services is committed to getting students materials in a timely manner and assisting students with utilizing adaptive equipment to access alternate format materials. Students will need access to a computer and screen reading software to utilize CD-ROM audio format materials. Students will be shown how to download free or low cost screen readers to access their books in an audio format.

Orientation and Mobility Training

The Office for Access Services wants students to become familiar with the campus and will provide orientation and mobility training for blind and low vision students. Students are encouraged to register early and begin orientation and mobility training one semester prior to the start of classes. For classes beginning in August, students may want to consider orientation and mobility training in June. Students will be shown how to find all of their classes as well as main areas of the campus such as the cafeteria, tutoring labs and library.

Orientation and Mobility may be appropriate for other students that have difficulty with direction or general orientation. Any student concerned about finding classes or other areas on campus should feel free to request orientation and mobility training.

Interpreting Services

Students needing interpreting services are encouraged to register early for classes so that appropriate services can be put into place. Students should give at least a four week notice of the need for interpreting services before a course begins. Students needing interpreting services for events, meetings or other activities on campus should contact the Office for Access Services as soon as the need is known in order to arrange for appropriate interpreting services.

Testing Accommodations

Students that have been approved for testing accommodations will be given an Instructor Correspondence form. Students will need to submit the form to each instructor and discuss testing accommodations. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for testing accommodations by contacting the Office for Access Services at least two (2) days before the test is to be taken if a reader is needed. For exams that will be taken in the Testing Center, students should contact the appropriate Testing Center at least two (2) days before the test is to be taken. Please note that the North Campus, Testing Center will provide for extra test time and readers for classes at that site.

Accessible Parking

All federal and state laws apply to use of parking placards/plates for individuals with disabilities. Accessible parking places are for the exclusive use of an individual with a disability. These permits are not valid when used by friends or family unless the individual with a disability is being transported. Misuse of accessible parking permits can result in fines and cancellation by the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office of the parking placard. Illinois Central College’s Campus Police may be contacted for more information on accessible parking. (309) 694-5223.

East Peoria Campus

Vehicles must display their state issued parking placard/plates to use designated accessible parking places on campus. In the event that parking spaces are not available due to high usage, vehicles with the appropriate parking placard/plates may park in empty parking places in the visitor’s parking lot. Students with specific questions on where to park and what to do in the event of a temporary disability should contact Campus Police at (309) 694-5223.

Peoria Campus

The Peoria Campus has accessible parking throughout its various lots. For more specific information about parking locations, the Peoria Campus Police can be contacted at (309) 690-6899.

Nursing Services/Personal Assistance

Students needing the use of their personal assistant or nurse during classes for disability related reasons (IE: health, safety, or welfare) should meet with the Coordinator of Access Services to obtain an accommodation letter to take to instructors to explain the presence of the assistant/nurse. The college does not employ personal assistants/nurses for students.