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Students must submit comprehensive documentation of their disability, including a diagnostic statement from a qualified professional in the appropriate discipline. Documentation should address how the disability currently impacts the student’s access to the college physically or academically.

Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s), Section 504 plans and Summary of Performances (SOP’s) are not accepted as sole documentation of a student’s disability. Any of these forms may be submitted in conjunction with other forms of documentation in order to assist in obtaining a complete picture of a student. Students exiting school with a Summary of Performance (SOP) may wish to bring a copy of their SOP along with other documentation of their disability to assist the student in discussing their disability with the Coordinator of Access Services. Students should refer to the specific guidelines listed herein for acceptable documentation.

Please note that a diagnostic report may include specific recommendations for accommodation(s). These recommendations will be reviewed by the Coordinator of Access Services to determine if each accommodation recommended is reasonable for the course in which it is sought. Students should be aware that accommodations which change the integrity of the material being taught or tested are generally not considered reasonable. A prior history of an accommodation, without the demonstration of a current need, does not in and of itself insure the accommodation will be granted. Each accommodation recommended by a qualified evaluator should include a rationale and be supported with specific test results or clinical observations.