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College and Student Responsibilities

College Responsibilities

ICC is committed to making the campus and its programs accessible to all students. We work with students, faculty, and staff to provide timely, equitable access to all aspects of the campus and programs offered.

This includes, but not limited to:

  • Intake and review of disability documentations
  • Cooperation with students to make determinations for reasonable accommodations
  • Coordination of services while providing accommodations as needed

Student Responsibilities

Students will be provided with an Instructor Correspondence blue form for each class which accommodations are granted.

Students need to meet with each instructor individually and discuss accommodations for each class at the beginning of each semester.  Students should contact the appropriate campus Testing Center at least two days before the test is scheduled to arrange for accommodations.

All student success strategies should be employed, including:

  • Instructor interview before enrolling courses about teaching style, coursework and expectations
  • Regular and punctual attendance of classes
  • Reading of the textbook and materials
  • Completion of all homework and assignments on time
  • Use of tutorial labs on campus
  • Review of written work and papers  by The Studio (writing lab)
  • Instructor consultation as needed during faculty office hours
  • Practice of consistent and effective study habits
  • Taking notes as needed
  • Participation in class